About Rebana

Rebana John is an Indian artist-filmmaker who grew up in Mumbai, India. She discovered filmmaking as her primary medium while studying at the Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology in Bangalore, India. Her interests lie in affect based narratives and investigating the constantly mutating position of an artist/filmmaker. Experimentation in documentary, art in public space, animation and writing, are her modus operandi. She graduated from the Post graduate programme in Film/Media Art at the KHM/ Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Germany. She continues to refine her documentary practice while reframing existing approaches and formats.

rebana at work

Photo courtesy Anand Kutz

Filmography –

Ladies Only (79 mins/Non-Fiction/ B&W/ sound/2021/ Direction & Edit.

Ships outside my window/ 28 mins/Personal Documentary/ 2018/ Direction, Camera, Edit.

Pasts:Paths/ 07 mins 47 secs/ Non-Fiction Video Art/ 2017/ Direction, Camera, Edit.

I am Bangalore / 32mins/ Documentary film/ 2015/ Chief Editor.

Artists in Public Space/ 10 mins/ Non-Fiction film/ 2014/ Direction, Camera, Edit.

InSight/ 45 mins/ Documentary film/ 2011/ Cinematography.

Maachis ko Sinka/ 10 mins/ Non-Fiction Film/ 2008/ Cinematography.

Echoes/ 10 mins/ Experimental/ 2008/ Script, Direction, Edit.

Lamentations/ 10 mins/ Experimental film/ 2008/ Script, Direction, Edit, Animation.

The Fortunate Son (10 mins/Fiction/ colour/ sound/2007/ Script, Direction & Edit.