Ladies Only/79 mins/ B&W/ Documentary/ 2021/ Direction, Edit & Production

“What makes you angry?” asks the filmmaker. A small film crew enters the ladies compartments of the local trains in Mumbai. Chance encounters and acquaintances are invited to reveal their opinions, their confessions and their stories in a ‘public’ space. Their diverse answers thread themselves into an unfolding tapestry of details and observations. The light on the faces, the figures in the background, the driving noises of the train and the interactions between the travellers bring the space alive. Black and white images distill the essence of the space. A poetic rhythm takes us across Mumbai and it’s mix of cultures, languages and faces, providing insight into how urban Indian women see and shape their lives. Through a feminist lens, the filmmaker explores what ambitions and freedoms mean for women in a hyper-industrial, wealth-driven and complex world.

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Ships Outside My Window/29 mins/Colour/Documentary/ 2018/ Direction, Camera & Edit

An exploration of the filmmaker’s father’s life as a seafarer in increasingly tough global conditions. Set in Mumbai, the view outside the window, is a voyage into the liminal spaces created by mental illness. It explores the affective struggle of a family in its crosshairs. The history mined from her parents, serves to reflect on the nature of memories itself. It is a determined coming-to-terms with those memories that have shaped her present day preoccupations and positions — a contemplation of the mind, especially the mind out of control. The sea, she roars.

Click here for the Trailer.

Echoes/10 mins/Colour/Experimental Film/2008/Direction & Edit.

The film is an experiment, an attempt to investigate the notion of life; As it has always been, as it is today. It is a subtle social comment whispered through sound and visual. The film travels from the timeless into the crevices of modern busy life and resorts to the poetic image to facilitate a kind of movement of thought in the viewer. In this kind of story-telling, rhythm and pace are key conveyors of narrative; Tonality and composition are stimulants for the eye to create meaning; and the subjects and sequences are the architects for structure. An existential apathy forms the soul of the film.

Watch it here.

The Artist and Public Space

I filmed and edited the process of participating in a 6 month long Art-Reality game in public space, supplementing it with interviews with the players in India. In Bangalore, the game zone was located under the KH Double Road flyover, one of the noisiest places in the city. The game was created by Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta. More info here. (2015)

Investzone is a participatory reality game where 10 players from Gelsenkirchen (Germany) & 10 players from Bangalore (India) transform a space in 12 moves over the next 6 months. The video documents the inauguration day of the project in Bangalore & the moves made by some of the players on that day. (2014)

Jaaga study – Code for india (learning x prize)

A bunch of people living on an organic farm in an experimental building made of container shelving, make an App that teaches kids to learn and love Math. (2016)


The first in a series of video letters that were meant to be sent between students at Srishti – School of Art and Design in Bangalore and students of a film school in Rio de Janeiro. (2007)

Video Letter #2 – It reveals a little more about my life in 2007.

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