Here is Freeman Murray, a friend and fellow Bangalorean at the time, whose primary mode of transport has been the unicycle. The video was shot and edited by me. (2014)
My friend and fellow artist Vivek Chockalingam did a multi-state journey from Gujarat to Bangalore, India on an old bicycle over a couple of weeks. This is the footage he collected that I edited into a music video of sorts.

Greenpeace Projects

In the wake of the viral ‘kolaveri di’ song that had become a global sensation, Greenpeace activists in the Bangalore office came up with the ‘Why this Koylamining di’ song and we made it into a video. I did the camera and edit.
The making of ‘Koyla mining di’ with the Greenpeace Volunteers.
I did the camera and editing.
Greenpeace Flashmob at a Mall in Bangalore. I made the Music and edited the video. (2011)
For the Music festival in Ooty, Tamil Nadu, India, called MAD festival, I was commissioned to make a music video for a song from the band Thermal & a Quarter. (2013)

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