Video Mapping for the first group show at walk-in studios, Bangalore.

In order of appearance – Infinity, the first light, closed eye vision, the second light & consciousness, the primordial fluid, the first organism, whale song. Audio track is called ‘From beyond the Observable Universe’. Originally mapped into picture frames on a wall inside a room with a small bed to lie in and experience the piece.
A creation myth is playful mythology that seeks to challenge the absolutism of religious creationism. To find meaning in the moment of creation is an existential desire, multiple stories of that moment make this point an indecipherable non-moment.

Investzone Art Moves at KH Road Flyover

Poetry of the Now / Move#6

Emerging from the theme of ‘where are you coming from?’ Poetry of the Now is a video installation that was setup under the KH road flyover in Bangalore. Live feed from a camera were projected onto a makeshift screen in the midst of the chaos. The camera recorded people, who interacted with their own image on the screen. Also used were delayed projections of dancer Avril onto the screen while she performed. The shadow/light play from the traffic & the projection created a richly textured surface.

Poetry of the Now –

Goddess of Garbage / Move #8

Goddess of Garbage was projected onto the red pillars of the KH road flyover in Bangalore, India. It was a subsidiary art move created in response to another artists intervention in the space which wanted to advocate a spirit of cleanliness in public spaces. For me that meant examining the societal context of garbage in public spaces. The image of a goddess is a familiar sight in the Indian millieu. By placing the tools of trade of the people who actually work with the cities garbage, into the hands of the Goddess, was a way of making their work be seen as valuable.

Beauty in the Rush / Move#5

Some of my first engagements with the idea of growth were exhibited in public during a 6 month project under a flyover that teems with restless, populated traffic. Here the attempt was to make the purveyor experience the beauty of the unrushed by exalting the gentle pace of nature and in other attempts to make them come face to face with the consequences of unfettered growth. The flyover represents movement, speed & desire for progress, in its underbelly is a dystopian reality.

flower light/Video Installation at Flower Park, bangalore

The woman spins endlessly in the flower. Is she unaware of the world outside it?

Green Screen shoot, edit and graphics by me.
Dancer – Avril Stormy Unger.
Assistant Camera – Kavya

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